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Eduardo Renta Nears Completion of "Sexy Boy" His First American Debut Album

"Sexy Boy," the result of a one-year collaboration with acclaimed producer Chris Rodriguez, is expected to be ready in the begining of next year

December 23, 2004 -- Eduardo Renta, who successfully launched his career in Latin America last year with a production titled "I'll Find You", is set to invade the American music market early next year. "Sexy Boy", an album produced by Chris Rodriguez, will mark the singer's first effort at cracking the North American music scene.


"I'm excited. The response to 'Ill find you' in Dominican Republic was overwhelming. I'm hoping we can top that with the new album."

The singer admits that the music has evolved substantially since the first production.

"Oh, yes, absolutely. I've grown up a lot since then. It was nice to be accepted by public -- it liberated me from the pressure of having to write a certain kind of song. I realized that the more honest I was in my writing, the more the audience would connect with the music. 'Sexy Boy' is as honest as it gets."

The release of 'Sexy Boy' will be marked by a blitz of concerts and media events, starting in January with a number of showcases in Miami and La. "We're very excited to start performing these songs live. You don't really know what the audience thinks until you get that live feedback to the music."

In addition, the tour will serve as a platform for the re-launch of Eduardo's official website which will receive a facelift. ( "We've put some of the songs from the new album on the website. It's our way of connecting fans with the music before the album is released."

Eduardo was also featured last month in The Miami Herald. He explains, "We recorded the new album in Miami, and we are planning on doing our official launch there as well. To me, it's important to have the support of the South Florida community after all, they are the bridge between North and South America."

The official international launch of the album and the new website is planned for early next year. Eduardo will then head home to Los Angeles.


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